The Names of Conjunto Regional

Many names are featured and mentioned frequently when refering to conjunto regional. This section will help you understand in brief who each of these indivuals are/were. If you’d like to contribute information about people we have little or no information on, please contact us! Write to Lupe Saenz, STCA President at or

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Narciso Martinez – (1911-1992), the TSHA (The Texas State Historical Association) describes Narciso Martinez as “the ‘father’ of the Texas-Mexican conjunto”. For in depth information on Narciso Martinez, please visit the TSHA website here.

Carmen y Laura – Carmen y Laura Hernandez, two sisters who made an important impact to the early conjunto regional scene. UTPA has this to say about Carmen y Laura: “Carmen and Laura made hundreds of records for Ideal with all types of supporting musicians ranging from the accordion conjuntos of neighbor Isaac Figueroa, Narciso Martínez, and Paulino Bernal to Beto Villa and his Tejano orquesta.” For more information on Carmen y Laura, please visit the University of Texas at Austin website here.

Lydia Mendoza – part of the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame women listed at the Texas Women’s University; the Worship Guitars website describes Lydia Mendoza as “a national treasure, the living legend, the queen of Tejano, la londra de la frontera”.

Conjunto Legends include  Juan Lopez     Pedro Ayala     El Ruco Martinez     Santiago Jimenez    Tony de la Rosa     Gilberto Perez Y Sus Compadres  Ruben Vela Y Su conjunto  Los Doneños  Mingo Saldivar Y Sus 4 Espadas  Flaco Jimenez   Alfredo de La Rosa    Los Fantasmas    Steve Jordan    Agapito Zuniga    Valerio Longoria