The Terminology of Conjunto

For those of you non-Spanish (or “Tex-Mex”) speaking folks, we’ve tried to put together what each of the most common words you’ll come across when reading or listening to conjunto regional mean and samples of some when used in context.    “Tejano” means from Texas.  Norteño= Norther Mexico (NOT South Texas) Radio stations call norteño music “Tejano” are only confusing the audience. The grand daddy of norteño has to be Ramon Ayala. All others are just duplicates.

Tejano music genre. Some of the groups under this category include Mazz, the late Selena, Jimmy Gonzalez, La Mafia, Ruben Ramos, Freddie Martinez, and others non-conjunto groups. Tejano music is making a slow comeback as 102.1 FM tries this genre.